Metal Gear Suck

I was checking out this article this morning. Go read it.

Let’s review:

  • Mother Base Coins are only available to purchase. You can not earn them in game.
  • 100 coins will cost you $1.65
  • 6,000 coins will cost you $79.99, (A full $20 more than the game itself!)

These coins are used to build Forward Operating Bases which cost at least 1500 coins. While you get your first base free, … Read more...

Pre-order Tier Levels.

If you listened to Episode 4 of the WaffleSquad Podcast, you know that I hate pre-orders with a fiery, burning passion.

Well, guess what, they found a way to make them worse. Behold:


I weep for the industry that thinks this is a good idea. I weep for we, the people, that have to put up with this.

Where will the insanity end?

 …